Panasonic System 3 Aircon (Wi-Fi) – CU-3XS27UKZ, 5 Ticks, Free Installation for 25 Feet/Fan-coiL



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Panasonic System 3 Aircon – 3XS27UKZ, 5 Ticks, Free Installation for 25 Feet/Fan-coil

(A) Panasonic (Wi-Fi), SYS 3 (9+9+9k) – $3199 (Usual Price: $3299)
(B) Panasonic (Wi-Fi), SYS 3 (12+9+9k) – $3299 (Usual Price: $3399)
(C) Panasonic (Wi-Fi), SYS 3 (18+9+9k) – $3399 (Usual Price: $3499)
(D) Panasonic (Wi-Fi), SYS 3 (18+12+9k) – $3499 (Usual Price: $3599)

For other system combinations or condenser model, feel free to ask for the price.

BTO/Private properties/Concealed piping: Site view first to determine installation price.

25ft Standard Installation includes:

1. FREE dismantle old set.

2. FREE 2 Years Workmanship Warranty.


*Aircon bracket, isolator and etc. are not included in the product price.

Installation T&Cs:

1. Free basic installation of 25ft piping length is measured from the condenser to each fan-coil and cannot be offset from another fan-coil. Every additional piping length after 25ft will be charged at $9.50 per foot.

2. If owner decides to keep the condenser and fan-coils after dismantled the old set, it is subject to charge $50 count by every fan-coil.

3. Site view will be charged $30 if not yet purchase the aircon. It is non-refundable and can only be offset when making purchase of system aircon.

Optional Upgrades:

1. Upgrade from SWG23 to 22 Copper Pipes – $60 per fan-coil.

2. Upgrade from 3/8 to 1/2 inch Class 1 Copper Pipes Insulation – $60 per fan-coil.

3. Upgrade from 13mm to 16 mm Diameter Drainage Pipes with Insulation – $60 per fan-coil.

0% Interest Free Installment Payment Plan:

Accepted Credit Card: DBS, OCBC
0% Interest Instalment Plan: up to 12 months, as low as $249.2592 per month.
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