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Avolta Portable Aircon PC30-PMA, 10000 BTU

Avolta Portable Aircon PC30-PMA, 10000 BTU

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Switchable Air Outlets

 Heating usage can be achieved by repositioning the air outlets. By simply lifting the ducts from both sides and switching them around, which is one of the Avolta Portable Aircon unique selling point.

Window Kit

The box includes an extendable window panel, an exhaust hose, and a hose adapter. The window panel is compatible with various window types such as push-out, slider, or louver windows, and can be adjusted in length to fit the window dimensions. Once adjusted, the panel can be fixed in either a horizontal or vertical position. Once done, connect the hose to the air outlet and you're set.


Easy Cleaning

To maintain optimal air volume, clean the air filter every two weeks if it becomes clogged with dust or dirt. Removing the air filter from the side's strainer overlay is straightforward, and it can be cleaned with neutral detergent in lukewarm water (40℃) before being dried in the shade.

Environmental Friendly Refrigerant

The Avolta Portable Aircon 'PC' Series employs a high-efficiency compressor from Taiwan and utilizes the R410a refrigerant, which is compliant with European environmental directives due to its low global warming potential and natural properties that do not harm the ozone layer or the environment when emitted. Additionally, this refrigerant has exceptional cold transmission properties.



Long Warranty

6 Years warranty for Compressor, 1 Year warranty for Parts and 6 Months on-site full coverage warranty.



  • 6 Months Warranty for Full Coverage
  • 1 Year Warranty for Parts
  • 6 Years Warranty for Compressor
  • *** 1 Year On-Site Full Coverage Protection Warranty ***
  • *Full Coverage Protection Warranty covers all necessary cost, e.g. Labour, Checking (after 6 month $30 per checking).
  • Transportations fee not included in Warranty Cover. ($70 per trip) 
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