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Avolta Double Heating Instant Water Heater

Avolta Double Heating Instant Water Heater

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German Technology

Incorporates advanced technology from Germany.

Double Heating Element

Heats up water twice as fast compared to single element heaters, providing hot water instantly without you waiting for minutes.

Power Selector for Temperature

Water heater features a power selector that allows you to easily adjust the temperature to your liking, giving you greater control.

Thermal Cut Off

Equipped with thermal cut off feature to ensure safety, prevents overheating and scalding.



Model SIN-WH88(A)
Voltage 230V
Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Power Rating (W) 3.0kW
Current Rating (A)
Recommended Amps
Heat Setting
0 - 3kW
Operating Water Pressure 0.02 - 0.6MPA
Dimension (mm) 300 x 185 x 95 
Product Weight 1.7kg

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